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Google Docs - Google Drive

What is Google Docs?


Google Docs is the perfect way to create various documents similar to those created in Microsoft Word and Excel. What makes it amazing is that Google Docs allows the creator to share content with others through email, blogs, and other postings. When sharing, the creator has the ability to allow others to embellish or change the document. The changes are preformed in real time, which allows people to work together on a project from different places.

To use Google Docs, one must have a gmail account. It is quite simple; go to www.google.com and in the upper right hand corner, there is a place to "sign in." If you have a gmail account already, you may sign in at this time to access Google Docs; if you do not, there is a place on the left to create a free account.

Ways this can be used by educators

Educators are able to use these documents to create the typical worksheets and spreadsheets avaliable through Microsoft, but can easily make the information available to anyone, anywhere online. Below is a video tutorial that demonstrates how an educator might use Google Docs to create an assessment for thier students. You can create presentations, use and share data on charts, create a schedule, allow people to RSVP to an event, find facts, and perform research (information found on Google Docs Blog).

Learning Process

In the past, I have used Google Docs without realizing its full capability. I have used the finished projects and worksheets created by others, and have now taken the time and effort needed to research and discover how to create my own work. I am amazed at how versitile Google Docs can be. After watching many internet videos and reading online documents regarding Google Docs, I can now use it on my own in the classroom and post these creations to the classroom blog for parents and students.

Hyperlinks used

Google Docs Blog - Updated regularly to provide interesting ways to stay up-to-date with Google Docs features

Youtube tutorial - Easy to understand

Google Docs tutorial - Trying it out for myself