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Before starting your application, it will be helpful to have the following items on hand:

  • Contact information for two references; name, email, and phone number. (1 must be a College Staff or Faculty member)
  • Answers to the all of the short answer questions below. Our evaluation of your answers will be based on your integration of your college experience thus far, adequate support of your answers,  well developed sentences without grammar and spelling errors, and completely answering all questions.
  • 1) What do you believe is the purpose of Westminster's New Student Orientation Program?
    2) What made you decided to apply to be a Griffin Orientation Leader?
    3) List and describe two personal strengths that you can bring to the O-Team and how they will benefit the orientation program?
    4) What do you feel are the top two challenges college students are facing nationally and why did you choose these two? How can college orientation programs help to alleviate stresses linked to these challenges?


    When finished completeing the application please email to as 1 (one) document. 

    Download Application