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2014 Hecuba

the 44th annual classical greek theatre festival: Euripedes' hecuba

In September of 2014 The Classical Greek Theater Festival of Westminster
College will mount and tour a production of Euripides’ dark tragedy HECUBA, a play
rarely read and seldom performed in recent years.

For many Hecuba is the archetypal mater dolorosa, the sorrowful mother grieving
over the loss of her homeland Troy, her husband Priam and her many children.
Euripides’ tragedy HECUBA tells the story of her sufferings after the fall of Troy, her
failure to save her young daughter Polyxena from the Greeks and her discovery of the
murder of her youngest son Poydorus. Like so many Greek (and Elizabethan) tragedies,
HECUBA explores the causes, methods and effects of revenge, perhaps the primary
meaning of the Greek word for justice (dike). Euripides plots Hecuba’s journey from
vulnerable victim to ruthless avenger by three rhetorical debates, a debate with
Odysseus over the life of Polyxena which she loses, a debate with Agamemnon which
she wins, and a final debate with her victim Polymestor in which no one wins.

Euripides’ HECUBA deals with the aftermath of war where the winners jockey for political power
and prestige and the victims are frequently women and innocent children.

Barbara Smith, a professor of Theater at Westminster College, will direct
a production of Euripides’ HECUBA featuring a recent American translation by Marianne
McDonald. Spencer Brown of Westminster College will create the set design with
costumes by Valerie Nishiguchi, original music by Andrew Olsen and choreography by
Enid Atkinson.

The production will open at Westminster College on September 6 at
7:30pm, then tour the state of Utah with venues in Springdale at the O.C. Tanner
Amphitheater on Sept. 13th, in Provo at BYU’s de Jong Concert Hall on Sept. 22nd, in
Ogden at WSU on Sept. 17th, and return to Salt Lake City for its residency at Red Butte
Garden Sept. 20-21 and 27-28 with performances beginning at 9:00am. An orientation
lecture by the dramaturge will precede every show thirty minutes before each

To purchase tickets to the Westminster performance, click here >>

Production Schedule:

Westminster College, Jay W. Lees Courage Theatre, September 6, 2014, 7:30 PM
Zion National Park, OC Tanner Amphitheater, September 13, 10AM
Weber State University, Wildcat Theatre, September 17, 7:30PM
Utah Cultural Celebration Center, September 19, 7:30PM
Red Butte Garden, Stepmber 20 & 21, 2014, 9AM
Brigham Young University, DeJong Concert Hall, 5:00PM
Red Butte Garden, September 27 & 28, 9AM
 **An orientation lecture by the dramaturge will precede every show thirty minutes before each performance.


For more information contact:
James Svendsen
(801) 581-4607 , jim.svendsen@mac.com
or The Theatre Department, 801.832.2458