About GriffinSearch

What is GriffinSearch?

GriffinSearch is a search engine powered by EBSCO that works in tandem with nearly all of the Library’s databases and other resources. One search will return articles from magazines, newspapers, journals, reference sources and e-books as well as records for books and videos from the Library catalog.

Can I still search my favorite database?

Never fear, the individual databases are not going anywhere. But we encourage you to try GriffinSearch because it interfaces with nearly all of our most popular databases. Your results will often be enriched by cross disciplinary search.

What content is not in GriffinSearch?

GriffinSearch searches most (but not all!) of the library's resources. Below is a list of resources that are NOT included. You will need to search these separately:

Please note that some of this content may become available in the future as EBSCO makes new agreements with publishers.

Can I use GriffinSearch from off-campus?

Yes. You will be prompted to login as you click through to the fulltext of your results.