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Graduate MBA and PMBA Tuition

2015-2016 Master of Business Administration Tuition

Students enrolling in the MBA, MBATM, and the Project Based MBA programs during the 2015/2016 Academic Year will pay a "fixed” price of $52,000 for the entire program (39 credits), charged at the rate of $1,333 per credit hour.

Tuition is charged each semester based on the number of credits the student is taking in that semester. Tuition for the semester (including 1st and 2nd blocks) is due the first day of the semester. Tuition for any classes that are added after that day will be due the same day it is added.

Tuition includes all programs costs including books, access to all program functions, and a required international trip. The tuition price will remain fixed throughout the student’s program as long as he/she progresses satisfactorily (i.e., by taking no more than one semester off). Some literacy courses may be required before taking other classes. Those courses are billed at $100-200 each.


Any additional undergraduate courses required as a prerequisite will be billed at the undergraduate rate. Courses taken above the required 39 credits and repeate courses will be charges at the per credit hour rate and will result in a higher total cost for the program. 

Please remember that tuition or payment arrangements are due by the first day of the semester even if this is not the first day of your class.