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hours to receive a R-ATP certificate

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Westminster Aviation's 14 airplanes in the school hanger

Westminster College is a leader in aviation education. We prepare pilots to fly with confidence. Our liberal arts education combined with a unique, innovative flight curriculum sets Westminster apart from all other aviation programs in the nation.


  • Fly Bravo
    Our Flight Operations Center located at the Salt Lake International Airport provide students with experience flying in highly structured class "B" airspace in one of our 14 airplanes.

  • Reduced Hours. Big Savings
    The Federal Avi ation Administration (FAA) approved Westminster to certify its graduates for a Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP) certificate with reduced aeronautical hours from 1,500 to 1,000 saving thousands of dollars.

  • Pathway to Airlines
    Our SkyWest Bridge partnership offer opportunities for students earning their professional pilot degrees to become SkyWest Airlines first officers.

  • FITS Training
    Westminster’s scenario-based flight training curriculum develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills employers want.

  • AABI (Aviation Acredditaton Board International) Accredited
    We are one of thirty elite colleges worldwide to earn accreditation by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) assuring students receive a high-quality, professional education that is well-respected in the aviation industry.

  • Benefits of AABI:

    • Strengthen your resume and enhance your marketability
    • Build parental confidence. We have top-notch training.
    • Designed by educators, industry and the FAA, AABI judges the quality of aviation education courses
    • Members of AABI are educators, customers, employees, regulators, manufacturers, research firms, and advocates. Ultimately, they are the people who teach and hire aspiring aviation industry professionals.
  • Aviation Degree Programs
    Choose between a major in Flight Operationspreparing you to become a professional pilot, or Aviation Managementintegrating business and aviation classes to prepare you for the business of corporate, commercial, and general aviation.

  • Part 141 Programs
    Benefits of Part 141:

    • High degree of professionalism
    • Very structured flight training
    • Fewer hours needed to complete ratings. 190 hours compared to 250 for Part 61.
    • Cost savings in the thousands


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