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Placement Testing

Placement Testing

The START Center offers the following computerized tests:

• Accuplacer – Math placement testing to help students determine which math class to take. Students should check with an advisor in the START Center to see if they should take this test.

• Skills Assessment for Admission to the School of Education – Required of all School of Education applicants.

Placement tests are scheduled by appointment by calling 832-2280.

There is no placement testing for English. Students are placed based on SAT/ACT scores or transferred credit for an equivalent course.

For students in catalog years 2006-2006 and earlier only: The Computer Literacy requirement may be met by taking CMPT 098 or any higher-numbered CMPT course at Westminster, or by taking the Computer Competency exam, which is administered in the Student Computer Lab on the lower level of Giovale Library. Tests are administered during all working hours and no appointment is needed.