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Cassidy Jones

Cassidy Jones '11

BA, English

After graduating in 2011 with her BA in English, Cassidy Jones was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for a 10-month English teaching assistantship in Turkey. Cassidy applied for the Turkey ETA because of her interest in the Muslim culture. She hopes to be a journalist or diplomat in the future. Cassidy believes the Middle East is an important area to engage and understand. This opportunity has allowed her to be a leader in the education of Turkish children, allowing them to be more comfortable with the English language. It has also allowed her to learn Turkish. She said one of the most interesting parts of her job is teamwork. She says “Intercultural teamwork is a huge battle, but one that has stretched my diplomacy skills and my capacity for rolling with punches.” The entire Fulbright program supports Westminster’s learning goal of global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness as it promotes cultural educational exchange. Through this program, Cassidy has been able to travel to “culturally contentious” locations such as Lebanon, Cyprus, Kurdistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Azerbaijan, enhancing her understanding of the world and the different cultures within it.