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Alumni Mentoring Program

Be Part of Westminster's Alumni Mentoring ProgramAlumni Mentoring Program:
An Important Aspect of Student Success

The Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) began as an idea during a brainstorming session of the Alumni Board during their 2004 retreat. It has grown into a program that has earned the enthusiasm of students, support of alumni, and appreciation of faculty and administration.

AMP began with a survey of both students and alumni to determine interest in the program. The response was better than the Alumni Board could have expected. The initial pilot program included fourteen people (seven alumni mentors and seven students), took four months, and allowed the participants to plan their own experiences. Phase two of the pilot program grew to thirty people (fifteen alumni mentors and fifteen students), took eight months, and included a few more guidelines based upon feedback from prior participants.

The quality of the mentors and the exclusivity of the experience have created a real buzz on campus. “I have fielded questions about the program from many interested students, in all aspects of business practice, who simply cannot wait until the next session,” commented Dr. Georgia White, marketing program director and internship coordinator for the Gore School of Business. In order to be chosen for participation, students must submit a resume and cover letter indicating their interest, and sit for at least one panel interview. “I was impressed with the seriousness, intensity and earnestness which these young people presented during their interviews,” stated Alumni Board and AMP committee member Joan Grabarz, M.Ed. ‘00, “It is difficult as an adult to experience a panel interview, with four people peppering you with questions. I was quite pleased with how well these young people handled themselves during the interview process.”

“The faculty and administration truly appreciate the efforts of the alumni to contribute to student development in such an important way,” stated Dr. James “Cid” Seidelman, Academic Vice President and Provost. The program has become an integral part of the strategic plan of the College in terms of providing real value to students. Alumni from all aspects of professional life have given their time and talents; including attorneys, doctors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, marketing and public relations professionals, event planners, publicists, accountants, writers, stockbrokers, and therapists, among others.

The experience is valuable to both the student and the mentor. A prior mentor commented that, “It is nice to connect with someone who is interested in my field and to also be a positive influence in her life.” Kirsty McLaren, ’07, student participant during the pilot program, felt “the experience was the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to explore different aspects of my future career and given a real life idea of what to expect. I am really happy that I was able to be a part of this program and I hope it continues to become an even stronger aspect of our school.

We are now accepeting applications for the Alumni Mentoring Program. If you are interested please fill out the online form.