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 Westminster's Anthropology Program


Why Study Anthropology?

"Anthropology has formed my reality by answering many of my questions about the world," says Anthropology Professor Gretchen Siegler. Anthropologists study humans and differ from the other social sciences in a shared understanding that no one aspect of human behavior can be understood without examining all other aspects.

Why Choose Westminster's Program?

When you include Anthropology in your studies, you exhibit an interest in, and concern about, human diversity. Cultural sensitivity is important in all fields of study, and a minor in Anthropology is looked upon highly when combined with any major. At Westminster, you will work closely with experienced faculty and in small classes where you'll have the opportunity to learn the very latest theories, research techniques, and, with faculty approval, possibly tailor your studies to your particular interests.

What Else?

Anthropology offers an academic minor or students may wish to take courses as part of a Social Science major. Students who minor in Anthropology must complete 22 semester hours of approved course work.