Campus Directory
Name Departments Phone
Anderson, Bree Ann Athletics
Barnhart, Tyler Athletics 8018322860
Beaudry, Sara Athletics
Human Performance and Wellness
Beus, Megan Athletics 801-832-2865
Bidez, Dylan Athletics 801-832-2369
Brough, Eldon Athletics 801-832-2860
Brown, Kendall Athletics 801-832-2860
Brown, Peter Athletics 8018322860
Collette, David Athletics
Cosby, Landon Athletics
Duncan, Nicolas Athletics 8018322860
Dupre, Marquis Athletics 801-832-2334
Elliot, Jeremy Athletics 801-832-2349
Fisher, Joshua Athletics 801-832-2890
Garvin, Seth Athletics 8018322860
Givens, Albert Athletics
Human Performance and Wellness
Goodhand, Mason Athletics 801-832-2359
Goodhue, Reed Athletics 8018323529
Hackford, Rick Athletics
Human Performance and Wellness
Harding, Nikonia Athletics 801-832-2865
Hawkins, Annie Athletics 801-832-2328
Hayter, Jordan Athletics 801-832-2342
Heath, Susan Athletics
Heck, David Athletics 8018322860
Hendrickson, Chris Athletics 801-832-2349
Hewett, Rebecca Athletics
Hodgson, Kyle Athletics 8018322860
Hofer, Stephen Athletics
Horner, Daniel Athletics 801-832-2349
Huppi, Ben Athletics 8018322333
Jackson, Jenteal Athletics 8018322860
Jamieson, Grant Athletics 8018322860
Jarrard, Shelley Athletics 801-832-2340
Johnson, Jeremy Athletics 801-832-2338
Jones, Justine Athletics 801-832-2328
Kendall, Sean Athletics 801-832-2367
Kerwin, Joseph Athletics
Kirby, Kalee Athletics
LaFlamme, Danni Athletics 8018322389
LeBlanc, Tony Athletics
Long, David Athletics 801-832-2338
Maxfield, Joshua Athletics
McFarland, Scott Athletics 801-832-2861
Meade, Lynn Athletics 8018322394
Mickelson, Sara Athletics 801-832-2344
Nickas, Michael Athletics 801-832-2349
Palmer, Sadie Athletics 8018322860
Parrish, Norman Athletics
Human Performance and Wellness
Penrod, Taylor Athletics
Human Performance and Wellness
Perry, Gordon Athletics 801-832-2349
Pittman, Joshua Athletics 8018322364
Poulton, Annette Athletics 801-832-2343
Powell, Sheldon Athletics 8018322860
Schafrath, Gerrit Athletics
Shinaberry, Brooke Athletics 801-832-2865
Smyth, Patrick Athletics 801-832-2334
Sneath, Helen Athletics 801-832-2865
Stephens, Eric Athletics
Taylor, James Athletics 801-832-2328
Vogel, Nicole Athletics 801-832-2333
Walcott, Ryan Athletics 801-832-2337
Wray, Daniel Athletics
Wyatt, Shay Athletics 801-832-2344
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