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Diversity Center Student Coordinator


Diversity & International Center




Luciano Marzulli


Shaw L6B

Contact Info: 801-832-2826


The Diversity Center Student Coordinator will be responsible for the following duties and programs: • The Diversity Dialogue Series* • Generation First! * • Regularly update website and market all events. • Attend weekly meetings and serve as liaisons to one or more of the student groups associated with the Diversity Center. • Must be able to attend and participate in the Diversity Center’s programs and events. • Become familiar with mentoring partnership with Granite Park Jr. High • Other duties as assigned. Diversity Dialogues: Discussions focusing on Race/Ethnicity and the multiple intersections of identity including but not limited to class, gender, and sexual orientation within a historical and structural context in higher education. Generation First! Program: Socials and info sessions that create a support/mentoring network for first generation college students. Students have the opportunity to connect with faculty and staff who were first generation themselves as a means of developing meaningful relationships that involve shared experiences.

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