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Research Assistant






Christine Seifert, Helen Hodgson


Foster Hall

Contact Info:

Christine Seifert 801-832-2824 Helen Hodgson 801-832-2821


This job requires excellent research and writing skills. One task will be assisting faculty who are researching and writing scholarly articles. Using key words or topics provided by faculty members, you will also be expected to search scholarly journals, identify recent articles on these topics, and provide the faculty with short summaries of the articles. Other research tasks will
include collecting information about other communication programs (both graduate and undergraduate). The job will also require some marketing research and writing. You will attend monthly communication faculty meetings to present the work that has been accomplished during the past month. This challenging position will require strong written and analytical skills, as well as the
ability to work effectively with graduate students and faculty members. Much of the work will be performed independently, and the ability to think critically and take initiative is essential to being successful in this position.

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