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Faculty Travel Requests

Faculty Travel Requests

Full-time faculty are eligible to apply for travel funding twice during the academic year. If approved, we award up to $700 per request for attending a conference or professional meeting and up to $1000 per request for presenting at a conference or professional meeting; however, each faculty member can only receive $1000 one time each academic year. In order to accommodate requests that fall at different points in the year, there are three different deadlines:

May 1 for travel or related dues that fall between July 1 and September 30
September 1 for travel or related dues that fall between October 1 and February 16
January 15 for travel or related dues that fall between February 17 and June 30

Follow this link to apply for travel funding:

After Ashley Kramer has collected the requests and corresponded with the Faculty Travel Committee, she will notify you about your approval--no later than 30 days after the request deadline. Turn in all receipts (at one time, or as you acquire them) to Ashley Kramer in Foster 204.

Some Tips for Good Record-Keeping

  • Keep the receipts that show taxes and tips.

  • Don't highlight items or write on thermal paper receipts (it degrades legibility).

  • If computing your mileage reimbursement, here are the correct rates to use:

    • 2013 rate: $0.565/mile for travel before on/before December 31, 2013

    • 2014 rate: $0.56/mile for travel on/after January 1, 2014