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Standard Reimbursements

Standard Reimbursements

If you plan to submit receipts for a reimbursement related to your program, please follow these steps.

  1. Obtain approval from the Program Chair in writing and forward that email of approval to the Assistant Dean.
  2. Submit your receipts as soon as possible to the Assistant Dean following best practices: 
    1. Do not highlight items or write on thermal paper receipts (it degrades legibility).
    2. Submit original receipts, not copies.
  3. The Assistant Dean will process your reimbursement as a check unless you ask for a Direct Deposit. Please allow three weeks for the check to arrive (Jaime Glauser will email you when your check has arrived in the A&S Office). If it's been longer than three weeks, bring it to the attention of the Assistant Dean, who will inquire about the status of your reimbursement.
  4. In order to receive a Direct Deposit for reimbursements, you can do one of two things:
    1. Download and fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization form (found here) and email it to Twila Wycoff (
    2. Visit Accounting Services in Bamberger Hall (Room 103) and work with Twila Wycoff to complete and submit the Direct Deposit Authorization form.