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FA/14, SP/15 Course Schedules

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Course Schedules

Deadlines and Submission Process 

AD = Assistant Dean, Ashley Kramer (
PC = Program Chair

Monday, September 16 | AD sends individual schedules to PCs
Monday, Nov 11
| Deadline for PCs to return 2014-15 Schedule Drafts to AD

  1. Please include all the necessary New Course Request forms
    • In addition to providing course information, these forms often require approvals/signatures from other Program Chairs (for cross-lists), so please plan accordingly. The Registrar cannot build and list the course until a New Course Request form is submitted.
  2.  Please submit the NCR forms as an attachment in email so we have a findable, easily transferrable record

Friday, Dec 6, 2013 | AD returns finalized schedule to Registrar
Friday, Jan 3, 2014 | Registrar returns draft to AD, who forwards it all A&S Faculty for review
Friday, Jan 10, 2014 | Deadline for PCs to submit changes/corrections to AD

  • Though all A&S Faculty should check the schedule for errors and conflicts, we ask that theProgram Chair communicates the changes to the Assistant Dean via email

Friday, Jan 17, 2014 | AD returns corrected rough draft to Registrar