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Theatre Arts

Theater Arts Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop skills to produce creative, expressive, and distinctive work on-stage or backstage.
  • Students will cultivate leadership skills necessary to work in a collaborative, ensemble environment that is a hallmark of great theatre.
  • Students will foster the ability to write and speak fluently about their own and other's work. Students will develop reflective and analytical capacities through mentor meetings, critiques, and blogs.
  • Performance students will prepare a repertoire for marketing themselves and auditioning for theatrical roles, and/or for application to graduate school.
  • Technical theatre students will produce effective portfolios devised to secure positions in the field of theatre/film and/or application to graduate school.
  • Performance students will develop and improve body awareness, flexibility, and endurance through Doloroes Doré Eccles Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center participation, dance and movement courses.
  • Students will broaden their global, social and environmental awareness through involvement in a diverse array of theatrical works.


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