student survey results

student survey results

Curious to know what our students think about the Westminster Aviation program?

We find out by conducting an annual survey that assesses their level of satisfaction with the program and what they value the most.

Most recent student survey results

98% of our students say the program "has a strong safety culture."

92% would recommend Westminster to a friend considering a career in aviation.

Why did they choose to attend Westminster College?

  • Great admissions process 
  • Reputation of the program 
  • Connections to the aviation community
  • Size of the college

What do they value the most?

  • Westminster offers the R-ATP
  • Westminster operates primarily out of Class Bravo airspace
  • Westminster is in the ideal location



Employment Information

We have remained in contact with 76% of our aviation graduates since 2008; and 88% of them are employed within their planned career field.

  •  16% are actively serving and flying in the military
  • 58% are employed with airlines or other aviation companies
  • 14% are flight instructors
  • 12% are employed with companies outside of their major field of study