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Sarah Carver


Great Salt Lake Institute Grants


Sarah Carver 

Major: Environmental Studies
Career Goals: Graduate School
Research Mentor: Dr. Christy Clay

American Avocets at the Great Salt Lake

Last summer Sarah was researching American Avocets, which are a special shorebird species that migrates to the GSL each year. Her research is specifically looking at the migration and colony formation of the Avocet. Sarah has spent numerous hours reading literature about how stable isotopes are used in ecology as well as reading about the research that has been conducted on the migration of the Avocet. She plucked head feathers from the birds and washed and prepared the feathers so they are able to run through the isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Although two summers ago (2009) she spent a lot of time in the field, last summer (2010) she spent the majority of her time in the lab.

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