Dumke Field and Parking Structure

Dumke Field, originally Dane Hansen Memorial Stadium, was opened October 2, 1949 by President Robert D. Steele (1939–1952). It was a gift of the George Hansen family in memory of a son and brother, Lt. Dane Hansen, class of 1940, who lost his life in World War II. Having had seating for 1,200 attendants, the stadium has been the college soccer and activities field, commencement green, and later paved parking facility. In Fall 2005, it was transformed into a 2-level parking structure, with an elevated soccer/athletic field rebuilt on top.

ADA Compliancy

Access to field: through the northeast gate at field level
Accessible restrooms: HWAC is open during games. Restrooms are available on the first and second floor
Reserved parking: west side of HWAC and northeast side of lower parking terrace Dumke Field and Parking Structure