Converse Hall

The flagship and first building on campus, Converse was originally built as a multipurpose administration and classroom building with funding from John H. Converse, a wealthy Presbyterian businessman in Philadelphia and then-president of Baldwin Locomotive Works. The cornerstone was laid August 23, 1906 under the presidency of Rev. Robert M. Stevenson (1905 to 1912) and it was completed July 1907, though not actually occupied for another two years due to a lack of funding for a heating system, furniture or boarding facilities for students.

Converse was renovated under President Charles H. Dick (1985 to 1995) and then re-dedicated on Sept. 19, 1989 as part of the Jewett Center for the Arts and Humanities. Today, Converse Hall includes art studios, a modern media facility, the Admissions Office, and a lounge overlooking Tanner Plaza

ADA Compliancy

The easiest accessible approach to Converse is from the southwest side.
Accessible entrances: west, lower level
Accessible restrooms: 1, third floor
Admissions Office Entrance: use west entrance, take the elevator to the first floor Reception Area
Automatic doors: 1, west (lower level)
Elevator(s)/Lift(s): 1
Reserved parking: northeast, Carleson / Foster Parking Lot or northwest, East Jewett Center Parking LotConverse


Alumni & Parent Relations
Art Studio
Behnken Room

Ellipsis Office (literary publication)
Forum Office (student newspaper)
Math Tutoring Lab

Media Room


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