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Researching Companies


A few methods for researching companies using Nike as an example

In an interview you should always be prepared to let the employer know that you have done your company research.

There are a number of methods for researching companies using the internet and online databases. At Westminster many can be accessed through the Giovale Library home page. The library has created a guide for Researching a Company.

Of course, through Google, you can find a company’s website (i.e., www.nike.com) and read the information that the company wants you to see.

You can also collect information from 3rd party sources. For larger companies, such as Nike, three of the many resources available to Westminster students are from the databases

1.  Data Monitor
2.  LexisNexis
3.  Vault

You will have to do a little more investigative research to find information on smaller and non-public firms.  You might want to ask for help from a research librarian or ask a Career Counselor.

Go to Giovale Library website to access the three online databases mentioned above

  • Select Databases under Find Resources
  • Select Database List A-Z

Data Monitor

Good information in 20 to 30 page PDFs. Be sure to check out the SWOT Analysis.

  • Select Data Monitor Company Profiles under D
  • Click Company Profiles in the blue toolbar along the top of the page
  • Search for Nike
  • Pull up the PDF for Nike


Extensive information on a variety of topics including, how to access the In-depth Records from Hoovers.com (if you go to Hoover’s web site you will only get basic company information – you have to subscribe to get these extended reports that are available on LexisNexis).

  • Select LexisNexis Academic under L
  • Click Companies on left (in blue)   
  • Select Company Profiles
  • Search for: Nike
  • Select “Company Name”  from the drop down box to the right of where you just typed Nike
  • Choose “Hoover’s Company and Industry Reports” under Select Source(s)
  • Click the red Search button (at the top of the page)
  • Select View Tagged to get to the In-depth Record

Vault Career Insider

Company and Industry information, as well as career advice. Vault's target market is college students so provides the kind of data you will be interested in. Written in a breezy, informal manner.

  • Select Vault Career Library under V
  • Register under “New to Career Insider” (this site must be accessed on a Westminster dedicated computer)
  • Log in
  • Enter Nike under "Browse Companies By Name." Select Nike Inc. and Submit.

A good place to begin your research is to  “Read the entire Scoop” in the Vault’s Scoop box. Be sure to check out other resources, including the entire Getting Hired