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Strategic Plan

Career Center Strategic Planning

The mission of the Career Resource Center is to collaborate with faculty to provide students and alumni with the guidance and resources necessary to enhance their skills in career planning and exploration, job search strategies, and preparation for professional careers or graduate school as contributing citizens of a dynamic global society.

As our office delivers these planning resources, we also consider our own strategies for strengthening services and resources, assessing programs and goals, improving communication and collaboration, integrating technology, and clarifying policies.

The Career Center team has identified current job market trends and challenges, examined benchmark resources, noted existing strengths/weakness, and sought feedback from constituents and campus partners to develop strategic plans for the present and future.

Please submit written feedback or input related to Career Center planning.

Strategic Goals 2012-2014

Deliver dynamic, outcome-based programs and services for students and employers
• Strengthen individual student & alumni advising by adding scheduling options, creating personalized programs, and assessing outcomes
• Prioritize employer outreach and relationship development by adding employer development responsibilities for all Career Center Staff

Utilize assessment tools and metrics to evaluate and refine programs and resources
• Create evaluation tools to measure satisfaction, outcomes, and student learning across time and engagement levels: Individual appointment satisfaction snapshots, annual and post-grad surveys, and 3, 5, and 10 year out employment surveys
• Develop contributions to campus-wide and national assessment efforts to gain access to, and utilize benchmark data

Expand and Improve campus-wide and external collaboration and communication
• Partner with faculty and other campus offices to develop new programs tailored to student needs within specific disciplines
• Develop new marketing and communication channels to promote Career Center services, jobs, and internships
• Partner with other college/university career centers to create new internship sharing consortia and nationwide employer development initiatives

Implement and create new digital resources and integrate technology within programs
• Revise existing website and online services and add new, detailed features and interactive content
• Integrate educational programs related to effective job search strategies and technology

Define and apply clear and consistent policies, procedures, statements, and guidelines
• Create comprehensive policies and procedures for working with students, recruiters, internship programs and other program areas and addressing legal issues
• Develop new resources and initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusion

Evaluation Timeline

January 2012: Begin Career Center self-review process using CAS standards
July 2012: Evaluate strategic plan for progress, revisions, and additions
January 2013: Invite Career Center advisory group review of strategic plan progress
July 2013: Evaluate strategic plan for progress, revisions, and additions
January 2014: Pursue external review of the Career Center and strategic plan progress
July 2014: Begin development of Strategic Plan for 2015-1017