2002 - 2003 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

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Admission to the Program

Admission to the MBA Program is competitive. A candidate for admission must submit the following materials to the Office of Admissions:

  1. A completed Application for Graduate Admission form with a $30 application fee.
  2. Evidence of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university or a recognized international college or university.
  3. A work summary detailing education and professional business or managerial experience to include relevant job titles, work experience, responsibilities, and related activities.
  4. International students with a baccalaureate degree from countries other than the United States must present a TOEFL score of 550 or above and other required admissions material.
  5. A GMAT score. The GMAT may be waived if the applicant has:
  • At least three years of significant full-time supervisory or managerial experience after receiving a baccalaureate degree; or
  • At least five years of significant full-time supervisory or managerial experience if the baccalaureate degree has been received within the last three years.

Upon completion of these steps, the individual's application materials are submitted to the MBA Admissions Committee. Upon acceptance to the MBA Program, applicants must submit a $250 tuition deposit, which guarantees a place in the entering class. Individuals may enter the program at the beginning of Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

Provisional Admission

Based on a committee review of unofficial documents, students with completed baccalaureate degrees may be admitted to the program on provisional status but must complete their files and gain full admission before continuing the program in subsequent semesters.

Program Requirements

Forty-two graduate semester hours are required to complete the program and earn the Master of Business Administration degree. A minimum of 33 of these semester hours must be taken at Westminster. Individuals without prior undergraduate course work in business, or who graduated with a business degree five years ago or longer, must complete survey courses in addition to completing the 42 semester hours of graduate core and elective course work.

Waiver examinations in specific subject areas may be taken in place of survey courses. A maximum of 9 approved graduate hours may be transferred toward the MBA Program from other institutions. Of this number, only three credits may be applied to hours required by graduate certificate programs. Courses completed at other graduate institutions must be awarded a minimum of a B grade to be eligible for credit. Waivers or substitutes for program requirements must be approved by the program director and the school dean.

A grade of C is the lowest passing grade for all MBA and graduate certificate courses except for MBA 651, MBATM 628, and MBATM 629 where a grade of B is the minimum acceptable grade. Students must take all MBA course work, including survey work, for letter grades.

For course prerequisites please refer to the course description.

Requirement Description

Credit Hours


Survey Courses


MBA 500* Business Writing Survey
MBA 501 Economics Survey
MBA 502 Accounting Survey
MBA 503 Business Law Survey
MBA 505* Business Computer Applications Survey
MBA 506 Quantitative Methods Survey
MBA 507 Statistics Survey

*All students must complete MBA 500 and 505. Students may submit a writing portfolio to demonstrate writing proficiency and take the appropriate test-out procedure for MBA 505. Only one portfolio for MBA 500 and test-out procedure MBA 505 will be evaluated and must be submitted before the end of the student's first month in the MBA program. Decisions concerning the acceptability of writing and computing portfolios are final. See Graduate Coordinator for specific due date.



Required Core Courses


MBA 602* Organizational Behavior
MBA 603 Ethics and Business
MBA 610* Managerial Marketing
MBA 620 Operations Management
MBA 630 Managerial Economics
MBA 640* Managerial Accounting
MBA 645* Managerial Finance
MBA 560 Entrepreneurship
MBA 667 Management Information Systems
MBA 651 Strategic Practicum

Choose one of the following four courses:
MBA 510 International Marketing (3)
MBA 520 International Management (3)
MBA 530 International Economics (3)
MBA 550 International Finance (3)




MBA Elective Courses


Choose nine hours of elective MBA credit




*Note: Optional upper level courses may be substituted in certain circumstances, on approval from the MBA Director, based on work/educational experience.