2004-2005 Language Program

2004 - 2005 Language Program

Japanese Course Descriptions | Latin Course Descriptions

Faculty: Deyanira Ariza-Velasco (Spanish), Alan Davison (Spanish), Steve Haslam (French), Joy Woolf (Spanish)

The Language Program consists of academic and teaching minors in French and Spanish, and one-year course sequences in Japanese and Latin. For course listings and program requirements, check the individual major/minor sections which are listed alphabetically.

Japanese Program (JAPN)


The Language Program offers a one-year Japanese course sequence with occasional second-year offerings. It is designed to give students practical tools for communicating in written and spoken Japanese and to deepen cultural sensitivity. While Japanese has great practical advantages for certain fields, most notably business, it would expand the cultural horizons of any liberal arts student. No minor is offered in Japanese. Students who have had two or more years of high school Japanese are excluded from Japanese 110 and 111.

Latin Program (LATN)

The Latin Program offers an intensive one-year Latin course sequence. Latin is the language that has been the most widely used throughout the world's history, and it has had tremendous influence on English and other European languages. Latin offers great practical advantages, especially for students anticipating careers in the humanities, law, medicine, nursing, and other sciences. No minor is offered in Latin. Students who have had two or more years of high school Latin are excluded from Latin 110 and 111.