2009-2010 Sociology Program (SOC)

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Faculty: Kristjane Nordmeyer, Mark Rubinfeld, Gretchen Siegler

Program Goals


Sociology offers an academic major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as an academic minor. The primary focus of sociology is on the structure of human society. Students study the social causes and consequences of human behavior and learn to apply sociological principles and concepts to their own lives. Sociology explains those events that lead to the strengths or weaknesses of groups and provides an understanding of the circumstances that lead to social change. As a science, sociology strives to train students to evaluate and analyze social phenomena as they occur in society. Students are encouraged to use their learning and experience in applied settings such as internships, seminars, and directed studies. Students must consult with the appropriate faculty in designing programs to meet specific needs and interests.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA or better in courses required for the sociology major and minor. Students choosing a double major or minor within the Social Science Program may not apply electives to more than one major or minor. Only classes listed as "required classes" for both majors/minors may be applied to both. Students may apply courses from related fields (anthropology, justice studies, political science, psychology) with the consent of the instructor. Students have the opportunity to take an internship and may apply a maximum of 4 credit hours of internship coursework to the major. Majors must have completed either SOC 390 or SOC 391 before they can take SOC 470. Majors who choose to take SOC 390 must have completed MATH 150 as a prerequisite.

For course prerequisites, please refer to the course description.

Academic Major

Liberal Education Courses Credit Hours
The following courses, which fulfill LE requirements, are required for the Sociology major.

SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology, LE
MATH 150 Elementary Statistics, LE

Requirement Description
Credit Hours
I. Foreign Language Requirement 8
. Sociology majors must complete eight credit hours in a single foreign language. 8
II. Lower Division Courses 4
. SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology, LE 4
III. Upper Division Sociology & Related Courses 30
. SOC 305 Contemporary Issues
SOC 313 Introduction to Social Theory
SOC 390 Social Research Methods
SOC 470 Senior Thesis

Fourteen hours of Sociology or related coursework numbered 300 or above (see above)

IV. Electives 10
. Ten hours of Sociology or related course work (see above) 10

Recommended Plan of Study for Sociology

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Freshman Year SOC 105* SOC Elective*
Sophomore Year SOC Elective SOC Elective
Junior Year SOC 305
SOC Elective
MATH 150*
SOC 313
SOC Elective
Senior Year SOC 390
SOC Elective

* SOC 105 may be taken in either Fall or Spring semester freshman year. MATH 150, which is a prerequisite for SOC 390, may be taken at any time prior to taking SOC 390. Sociology electives can be distributed in any way that best meet students' needs as long as students know they have to complete 14 hours (300 or above) and 10 hours (any level) prior to graduation. It is not recommended that students take 300 or above electives their freshman year.

Academic Minor

Requirement Description
Credit Hours
I. Required Courses 8
. SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology, LE
SOC 313 Introduction to Social Theory
II. Electives 12
. Eight hours of Sociology or related coursework (see above) numbered 300 or above
Four hours of Sociology or related 200-, 300-, or 400-level coursework (see above)