2009-2010 Social Science Courses

SSCI 301 Portfolio Workshop (1)
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to sociology by examining the cultural, organizational, and social forces that shape people's perceptions, actions, and opportunities. Areas of emphasis include the sociological perspective; social inequality; and social roles, groups, and institutions.
SSCI 441 Practicum (3)
Offers the opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge with practical experience. May serve as vehicle to post-graduate employment. Required of all students on Track 2 in the social science academic major. Must be taken last semester of the senior year and requires consent of the program director. Students should be prepared to attend the Social Science Senior Thesis Seminar and critically share their work with their fellow students and advisor.
SSCI 470 Senior Thesis Seminar (4)
Students produce a senior thesis that examines a social science topic through original research, secondary analysis, and/or theoretical exploration. Required of all students on Track 1 in the social science academic major. Same as SOC 470 and JUST 470.