2012 - 2013 Paleontology

Program Goals


Paleontology is an interdisciplinary academic minor focused on the historical study of biological diversity. By drawing together courses from both biology and earth systems science, the paleontology minor is an excellent option either for students specifically interested in life of the past, or for students interested in how different branches of science approach the same complex problems. The curriculum prepares students for future work in paleontology, historical geology, or organismal biology, as well as providing a broad background in the natural sciences in general.

Program Requirements

An academic minor in paleontology requires the completion of 20 credit hours from the biology and earth systems science programs. Additionally, students must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in the required courses.

Academic Minor in Paleontology

Requirement Description
Credit Hours
I. Required Courses 21
BIOL 202 Organisms and Evolution 4
BIOL/ESS 315 Principles of Paleontology 4
BIOL/ESS 321 History of Life on Earth 3
BIOL 332 Evolution 4
ESS 110 Introduction to Geology, LE 3
ESS 214 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 3