Honors Degree Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all Honors coursework, including those courses listed below for the Honors degree, and an overall minimum GPA of 3.25. In addition, the following requirements must be satisfied in order to be awarded the Honors Degree (in the major) at graduation:

Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Foreign Language Requirement    

Honors Degree students must complete 4 semesters of college-level instruction in a single foreign language or the equivalent. The requirement can be satisfied by coursework or proof of proficiency. For example, an incoming student who begins in Spanish III and successfully completes that course and Spanish IV will have satisfied the requirement. (May term study abroad trips may not be used to satisfy this requirement.)

Honors students who have 12 hours CLEP or proficiency exam credit in a single language, that Westminster does not offer may satisfy the remaining 4-hour requirement by taking 4 hours of coursework in a different foreign language.

Students taking coursework in a foreign language in which Westminster does not offer 4 semesters may complete the requirement with coursework in an additional foreign language.
All coursework that meets this requirement must be taken for a letter grade.

II. Lower Division Courses 28  
HON 201 Humanities I (4) 
HON 202 Humanities II (4) 
HON 211 Political Economy of Conflict (4) 
HON 212 The Arts in Performance (4) 
HON 221 History and Philosophy of Science (4) 
HON 222 Science, Power, and Diversity (4) 
HON 231 Human Culture and Behavior (4) 
To receive an Honors degree, no more than one of these courses may be taken credit/no credit.
III. Upper Division Courses 6  

Completion of 6 hours of coursework in Honors 300 or 400 seminars. May not be taken credit/no credit.

Students are discouraged from satisfying all 6 hours of this requirement through May Term.

IV. Senior Project/Thesis 3  

Completion of a senior project in the student’s major for a minimum of 3 credit hours. Students whose majors do not accommodate a senior project may enroll in HON 402. Students whose majors employ a practicum, internship, exhibition, or recital as the senior capstone experience must include a significant written component in which they reflect on that experience. The nature of such projects will be determined in conjunction with the Director of Honors and the student’s major advisor. All students completing a thesis or senior project for the Honors Degree must fill out the thesis topic approval and completion forms, which are available in the Honors office, and present their completed work in a public setting such as a regional academic conference, Westminster’s undergraduate research fair, or some equivalent venue.


Students who complete all the necessary coursework and satisfy the requirements for the Honors Degree, but fall below the minimum Honors Degree GPA requirements, will be awarded the Honors certificate.

Please contact the Director of the Honors Program for more detailed information concerning the requirements for the Honors Degree.