Department Office, 110 South 1452 East, Naval Science Bldg.
University of Utah, 801–581–6723, Fax 801–585–9154
Department Chair, Capt. James J. Housinger

The major goals of the U.S. Navy ROTC Program are:

  1. To help educate midshipmen in a major field of interest to the Navy or Marine Corps leading to a baccalaureate degree.
  2. To provide midshipmen with fundamental concepts and principles of naval science and with the professional naval knowledge necessary to establish a sound basis for future growth as a Naval or Marine Corps officer.
  3. To prepare midshipmen for service with the highest sense of honor and integrity as commissioned officers; to cultivate the essential elements of military leadership; and to foster the growth of a strong sense of loyalty and dedication to the service and to the nation.
  4. To prepare midshipmen to continue their education in a field of interest to the Navy or Marine Corps later in their careers.
  5. To instill the values of civilian higher education into the naval service by utilizing the expertise of civilian faculty instruction.

For complete information concerning the Naval ROTC Program, prospective students should contact LT Kevin Steinbrecher at 801.581.6723.


Credit Hours

NAVY 1010 Introduction to Naval Science 2
NAVY 1020 Seapower and Maritime Affairs 3
NAVY 2000 Leadership and Management I 3
NAVY 2020 Naval Ship Systems II - Engineering 3
NAVY 2110 Evolution of Warfare 4
NAVY 3010 Naval Operations and Navigation I 3
NAVY 3020* Naval Operations and Navigation II 3
NAVY 3110 Amphibious Warfare 4
NAVY 3210 Marine Corps Bulldog Preparation 2
NAVY 4000 Naval Ship Systems I - Weapons 3
NAVY 4020 Leadership and Management II 3
NAVY 4030 Navy At-Sea Training 3

*Prerequisite: NAVY 3010