2010 - 2011 Interdisciplinary Courses

INTR 100 Transitioning to College (1)
This freshman course provides a general orientation to Westminster resources, policies, and procedures as well as an opportunity to meet other new students, staff and faculty. Students are introduced to college offices and services, explore major and career options, develop college success skills, and participate in a class service project. Each class section focuses on a special interest topic.
INTR 150 Choices: Career Planning (2)
Teaches career planning and development skills. Course covers the following areas: identifying personal interests, values, and abilities relevant to the world of work; identifying and researching majors/careers that might match those characteristics; and developing the decision-making and job-search skills necessary in making a satisfying occupational choice and finding a job in that field. The course is taught on a credit/no credit basis.
INTR 250 Prior Learning Workshop (1)
Aids students in preparation of a portfolio for the assessment of prior learning. Under the direction of an assessment specialist, students document and verify their appropriate skills and competencies for inclusion in a portfolio worthy of consideration for college credit. This course is taught on a credit/no credit basis.
INTR 300 Special Topics, Travel Study Tours (1–4)
An intensive field trip experience held during May Term. Students and faculty advisors invite alumni or others to join them in visiting other regions of the U.S. or a foreign country. Tour leaders are drawn from several programs at the college.
INTR 301 Writing for Professional Research (2)
This course is designed to introduce you to the composing processes and practices necessary for successful professional research. To that end, you will learn and practice rhetorical analysis and principles of organization as they pertain to discipline specific research writing. You will learn strategies for the use and integration, as well as the analysis and synthesis, of primary and secondary sources. In addition, you will learn various techniques and strategies for successfully reading, addressing, and composing responses to timed-writing prompts.
INTR 350 Career Shadowing (1)
A May Term course offering students the opportunity to follow a professional in a selected field in anticipation of a possible career in that field. Participating professionals are contacted by the Career Resource Center for clearance of assignments. Available only to those students who preregister. This course is taught on a credit/no credit basis and may be taken more than once for credit.