2013–2014 Expenses

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As a private institution of higher learning, Westminster receives very limited financial support from public taxes. Each student registering at the college is charged tuition at a rate that covers approximately 70 percent of the cost of his/her educational program. The balance of the cost must be met by income received from gifts and endowments from trustees, alumni, faculty, churches, and other friends of the college who help to underwrite the education that Westminster provides. The Board of Trustees of Westminster College reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.

Tuition (2013–2014)

Undergraduate Per Semester
Part-time students, per hour (1–11 hours) $1,208
Full-time students (12–16 hours, inclusive) $14,496
Overtime surcharge, per hour (17 hours and above) $1,208
Auditing, per hour $604
May Term, per hour $1,208
Summer Term, per hour $803

May Term (undergraduate only): the tuition charge per credit hour is $1,208.Payment of full-time tuition for Fall Semester 2013 earns two free hours for May Term 2014. Payment of full-time tuition for Spring Semester 2014 earns two free hours for May Term 2014. All students not eligible for the 4-hour or 2-hour tuition waiver will be charged $1,208 per hour.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): the tuition charge per credit hour is $667.

BBA Refund Schedule
100% On or before the Westminster College add/drop deadline
0% After the Westminster College add/drop deadline

Tuition Refund Schedule

Please refer to the Student Accounts Services web page for information on tuition refunds.

Residence Hall Charges (2013–2014)

Room Semester Year
Double $2,382 $4,764
Single $2,922 $5,844
Double Apt. $2,776 $5,552
Single Apt. $3,258 $6,516
Single Draw Apt. $3,630 $7,260
Board Semester Year
Gold Meal Plan $1,722 $3,444
Purple Meal Plan $1,364 $1,364

Students paying room and board charges for Spring Semester continue May Term without additional charge.

Room Deposit $200

The room deposit becomes a damage deposit, which is refundable less any charges for damage when students leave the residence halls.

General Fees (2013–2014)

Student Activity Fee Per Semester
Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above) $54
Part-time undergraduate students (7–11 hours) $41
Part-time undergraduate students (2–6 hours) $28

The student activity fee covers the following items:

  1. Associated Students of Westminster College (ASWC) membership and class membership dues.
  2. A series of social events.
Technology Fee Per Semester Per Semester
Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above) $125
Part-time undergraduate students (7–11 hours) $94
Part-time undergraduate students (2–6 hours) $63
Audit, undergraduate or graduate $63
Student Publication Fee Per Semester
Undergraduate students (2 hours and above) $4
Ellipsis Fee Per Semester Per Semester
Undergraduate students (2 hours and above) $2
Health, Wellness and Athletic Center
Membership Fee Per Semester
Per Semester
Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above) $60

Membership fee for part-time undergraduate and graduate students is optional and would be paid directly to the Dolores Doré Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center.

Other Fees Per Semester
Student I.D. replacement fee $10
Alumni Audit

$50 Technology Fee

Certain courses require additional fees, which are listed in the course information on WebAdvisor.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and room and board charges are due in full on the first day of the given semester. Students registering late must pay in full when they register. Students unable to pay in full must make other arrangements with the Student Account Services Office by the second week of the semester. The college reserves the right to grant or deny financing for any student based on his or her credit worthiness. In addition, the college reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student who fails to comply with all terms of his or her financial obligation with the college. Additional information on this policy is available in the Student Account Services Office. Statements of credits, certificates of graduation, or transcripts are issued only to students who are current in their obligations with the college. All outstanding charges are due and payable at the time students leave the college.

Tuition Reviews

Students sometimes face circumstances or situations that prevent them from finishing a course or semester. The Review Committee meets monthly to examine petitions made by students regarding full or partial charges of tuition and fees. A student’s petition, which includes a detailed letter and appropriate documentation, can be submitted to any member of the Review Committee in the following offices: Student Account Services, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, or the Dean of Students.

If the petition is based on serious health problems where a student is unable to complete the semester and is not eligible for grades of incomplete, the Review Committee requires a written verification from a physician or licensed mental health professional. The Dean of Students serves as a resource for such requests. Nearly all medical withdrawals require withdrawal from all courses for the semester, as it is difficult to be medically unfit for one course but medically fit for others. See page 79 for more information on medical withdrawals.

All petitions (review of tuition charges and medical withdrawals) must be submitted within six weeks after the end of the semester in question. Absent serious extenuating circumstances, requests submitted beyond six weeks after the end of the semester will not be considered. If the petition is granted, changes will be made retroactive only to the last date of attendance, and tuition charges will be adjusted according to Westminster College’s posted refund schedule found on the Student Account Services webpage. Reevaluation by the student’s physician or counselor will be required prior to re-registration.

Following these guidelines, the Review Committee will either approve or deny all petitions. A student who thinks there has been unfair bias or encountered a procedural error made by this committee may appeal it in writing within ten calendar days to an Appeals Committee chaired by the Vice President for
Finance and Administration. The decision reached by this committee is final.

NOTE: Changes in registered hours may change any financial aid disbursed to an account. For example, if a student receiving merit-based aid withdraws from the college, the student’s financial aid award is canceled and all unpaid tuition resulting from the cancellation of the merit-based aid for that semester is due and must be paid immediately.

Please forward all information via email, mail, or fax to:

Mark Ferne
Associate Provost for Student Development & Dean of Students
Westminster College
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Fax: 801.832.3103 (Attn: Mark Ferne)
Phone: 801.832.2230
Email: mferne@westminstercollege.edu

Health and Accident Insurance

Students are encouraged to carry health and accident insurance. Many plans carry students on their parents’ coverage if they are under the age of 27. Westminster’s website has a list of many plans, as there are different options and rates available to students. Cost may vary somewhat due to the student’s age. Please contact the Office of Student Life for more information. All international students and student athletes attending Westminster College are required to carry insurance coverage. Students admitted to the nursing program are required to provide evidence of health insurance coverage. All students traveling on a college study trip (May Term, MBA, etc.) must also show proof of primary insurance.

Following are some resources you may use to review health insurance options that may be available to you:

Humana One


UnitedHealthcare student health insurance plans

Assurant Health

Altius Health Plans
Altius One

SelectHealth Individual Plans

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah Individual Plans

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network