Transfer Credit

Criteria for the Acceptance of Transfer Credit

Westminster College awards transfer credit for coursework that meets the following criteria:

It may not be possible to transfer credit into some graduate programs. Consult with your individual program advisor for questions related to previously completed course work. Program directors must notify the Registrar in writing of any approved credit.

All foreign transcripts are evaluated by Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI), which determines the level of coursework taken and the semester hour and grade equivalents. Only coursework that is determined to be equivalent to graduate college-level academic work that meets the criteria noted above will be considered for transfer. Equivalencies to Westminster courses will be determined by graduate program directors.

Converting Quarter Credit Hours to Semester Credit Hours

A quarter hour is equal to two-thirds of a semester hour, so one quarter hour transfers as .67 credit hours. Students transferring from institutions using the quarter system do not lose credit, because semesters are longer than quarters.

Quarter Hours and Westminster Hour Requirements

To be accepted as meeting Westminster College requirements, courses must not only have equivalent academic content, they must also equal at least two-thirds of the Westminster required hours, e.g., a language class must be 2.68 credit hours or more.