Auditing Fees

Auditing Fees Per Semester
Alumni Audit $100 plus $50 technology fee
Master of Accountancy (2013 cohort) $600
Master of Arts in Community Leadership $338
Master of Arts in Teaching $338
Master of Business Administration $667
Master of Education $338
Master of Professional Communication $493
Master of Public Health $493
Master of Science in Nursing $493
Master of Science in Nursing Education $338
Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia $570
Master of Science in Professional Counseling $338
Business Certificates $600

The technology fee will apply to classes being audited, but no student activity fees or publication fees are assessed. Only students accepted to Masters degree programs may audit graduate classes. Some programs require students to be a graduate of the program in order to alumni audit a class. Please see Academic Policies and Procedures for more information on alumni audits, or contact the Alumni Office for details.