Tuition Reviews

Students may appeal full or partial charges of tuition and fees by submitting a letter of petition and appropriate documentation. The petition can be submitted to any member of the Review Committee from the following offices: Student Account Services, Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, and the Dean of Students.

All petitions must be submitted within six weeks after the end of the semester in question. Approved petitions will be made retroactive only to the last date of attendance, and tuition charges are adjusted accordingly.

The Review Committee will either approve or deny all petitions. A student who thinks there has been unfair bias or encountered a procedural error made by this committee may then appeal it in writing within ten calendar days to an Appeals Committee chaired by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The decision reached by this committee will be considered final.

Changes in registered hours may change any financial aid disbursed to an account (see also Financial Aid Miscellaneous Information, Withdrawal and Its Effect on Financial Aid, or Medical Withdrawals). For example, if a student receiving merit-based aid should withdraw from the college, the student's financial aid award is canceled and all unpaid tuition resulting from the cancellation of the merit-based aid for that semester is due and must be paid immediately.