May Term

 May term is offered for undergraduate students during the month of May as a short, interim term between Spring and Summer semesters. May term is designed to help students fulfill upper division elective requirements, as well as to offer unique courses where students can gain in-depth knowledge of interesting topics in classes which are not offered during a regular semester. May term also gives instructors the opportunity to teach courses that devote focused attention to a subject that emphasizes their areas of expertise. May term classes are typically two credits, and meet for six hours in class each week.

In addition to regular course offerings, we also offer several international and domestic study tours each May term under the direction of Westminster faculty. May term study experiences have taken Westminster students to places such as southern Utah, California, New York, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, and many countries in Europe. The cost of a study experience is not included in May term tuition.

Please note that if a student wishes to use a May Term Study Experience to receive foreign language credit towards fulfilling his/her foreign language requirement, then that language must be the native or predominant language of the country of destination, and a foreign language faculty member must co-teach the course, and a student must have already passed at least one semester of foreign language instruction in the same language at the college level.

Students can apply their earned May term credits to either the May term or to the Summer semester. Payment of full-time tuition for Fall and/or Spring semesters earns two hours each, for a possible total of four hours. To apply 2 earned hours to the Summer semester, students must register for a minimum of three total credit hours. To apply 4 earned hours, students must register for 6 or more credit hours.