Medical Withdrawals

Students who are unable to complete a semester due to serious health problems and who are not eligible for grades of incomplete may request a medical withdrawal. Students seeking a medical withdrawal should contact the Dean of Students. Written verification from a physician or licensed mental health professional will be required. A medical withdrawal usually constitutes withdrawal from all courses for the semester, and withdrawals are made retroactive only to the last date of attendance. Requests for medical withdrawals must be submitted within six weeks after the end of the semester in question. If a medical withdrawal is granted, reevaluation by the student’s physician or counselor may be required prior to re-registration.

In order to appeal for a medical withdrawal, students must submit, in writing, to the Dean of Students Office:

  1. A detailed letter (usually 1–3 pages in length) describing why the student is unable to complete his or her academic work during the semester. Because the petition is based on this written document, it is essential that the student include as many details as possible. In addition, the student should specifically state what he or she is requesting of the College regarding grades, scholarships, account, etc.
  2. A written note from a medical professional (M.D., LCSW, FNP, counselor, etc.) detailing the following:

    a) Medical professional’s name, title, phone number and address.
    b) A clear summary of the diagnosis and how/why this condition is affecting the student’s academic pursuits.
    c) A detailed account of when the medical professional saw the student

Meetings to examine petitions are held approximately once per month. A medical withdrawal usually constitutes withdrawal from ALL courses for the semester (as it is difficult to be medically unfit in one class but medically fit for another). Approved petitions will be made retroactive only to the last date of attendance and tuition charges are adjusted according to Westminster College’s posted refund schedule found on the Student Account Services’ webpage. If a medical withdrawal is granted, re-evaluation by the student’s medical professional will be required prior to re-registration.

Please forward all information via email, fax, or mail to Mark Ferne, Associate Provost for Student
Development & Dean of Students

Fax: 801.832.3103 (Attn: Mark Ferne)
Phone: 801.832.2230