Timetable For Review

Students’ records will be reviewed at the end of each academic year to determine whether they are in compliance with the Satisfactory Progress Policy. The academic year ends with May Term and will include any period of time during the academic year the student was enrolled. Students who have grade changes that affect academic progress after it has been reviewed are responsible for notifying the Financial Aid Office so that their progress may be re-reviewed for compliance. Grade changes, including incomplete grade updates, affecting student eligibility for financial aid must be on file with the Registrar’s Office prior to the first date of classes in the next semester of enrollment in order for the student’s record to be re-reviewed for satisfactory progress in that semester.
Grade Reports Special Note

The following will not be counted as credit hours completed:

F Failure I Incomplete
W Withdrawn NC No Credit
UW Unofficial withdrawal X Repeat
WF Withdrawn Failing T Temporary

Enrollment Status forStudent Financial Aid Funds

Full time Undergraduate students taking 12 credit hours or more are eligible to receive financial aid funds.  Halftime student status is taking between 6 credit hours through 11 credit hours and aid will be awarded based on enrollment status. Students pursuing a second undergraduate degree may be awarded additional financial aid; however are not eligible for Pell Grant funds.  Financial aid awards will be adjusted based on enrollment status of fulltime or half-time. 

Retaking Courses and Student Financial Aid

The regulatory definition for full-time enrollment status has been revised to allow a student to retake (one time only per previously passed course), any previously passed course. For this purpose, passed means any grade higher than an “F,” regardless of any school or program policy requiring a higher qualitative grade or measure to have been considered to have passed the course. This retaken class may be counted towards a student’s enrollment status and the student may be awarded Title IV aid for the enrollment status based on inclusion of the class.