Academic Standing

Good Standing

The academic standing of each undergraduate student is determined by examining records at the end of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. (Requirements for students in the masters programs are outlined under the individual graduate program in this catalog.) Students must earn the minimum semester grade point average shown below to be in good academic standing at the college.

Total No. of Hours Attempted at Westminster* Minimum Semester GPA Required
1–13 1.70
14–27 1.80
28 and above 2.00

* This policy is intended to aid first time students and does not apply to students who have been awarded transfer hours from other institutions.


Students failing to achieve good academic standing are placed on academic probation. While on academic probation, students may register for no more than 13 credit hours, may not register for an internship, and may participate in only one curricular or extracurricular activity, unless additional activity is required for the major and is approved by the program director. Curricular activities include choir, drama, and journalism. Extracurricular activities include student government and students on academic probation are not eligible to participate in college athletics.

Students who meet semester grade point average requirements, but not cumulative grade point average requirements, may be considered for continued probationary status rather than suspension if the term grade point average shows substantial progress toward meeting all grade point average requirements.
To be returned to good standing, students must have a 2.0 semester and cumulative grade point average. This applies only to Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.


Students who fail to earn the minimum grade point average required for good standing during a probationary semester are suspended from the college. Students may not register for any classes while suspended and must remain out of the college for one or more regular semesters. To be readmitted, students must appeal for readmission.