Department Office, 255 Ft. Douglas Blvd #638, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113
University of Utah, 801–581–6716
Department Chair, LTC Troy K. Heineman
Web Page: www.milsci.utah.edu

The Military Science Department (Army ROTC) offers a leadership program for college men and women to earn commissions as second lieutenants in the United States Army (Active, Reserve, or National Guard). Two- and four-year programs are available. All courses receive academic credit toward graduation. Instructors, textbooks, uniforms, and equipment are provided by the Department of the Army without cost to the student.

The Basic Course provides instruction in basic leadership and hands-on military adventure training such as rappelling, survival instruction, skiing, land navigation, and rifle marksmanship. There is no military obligation for students taking the Basic Course. Students normally take this program during their freshman and sophomore years.

The Advanced Course provides extensive instruction in leadership development, military organization, management, tactics, and administration. Students may have the opportunity to attend specialty training such as Airborne or Air Assault School. This program is normally taken during the final two years of college.

Financial aid/scholarships are available from the Department of Military Science. For further information, contact the enrollment advisor at 801.581.6716.

(F = Fall Semester, S = Spring Semester, Su = Summer Term)

Basic Courses

Credit Hours

ARMY 1010 Leadership Discovery I (2) F
ARMY 1020 Leadership Discovery II (2) S
ARMY 1060 Military Physical Readiness (1) F, S
ARMY 2010 Leadership Challenge I (3) F
ARMY 2020 Leadership Challenge II (3) S
ARMY 2090 Ranger Challenge (2) T,H
ARMY 2950 Basic Course Independent Study (2-3) Su

Advanced Courses

Credit Hours

ARMY 3010 Leadership Assess.& Development I (3) F
ARMY 3020 Leadership Assess. & Development II (3) S
ARMY 3950 Independent Study (1-4) F, S
ARMY 3960 Military History Leader (3) F, S
ARMY 4010 Advanced Leadership I (4) F
ARMY 4020 Advanced Leadership II (4) S
ARMY 4950 Senior Seminar (1-4) F, S