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Fundamental Business Chinese

Fundamental Business Chinese

The ability to speak Mandarin has become a competitive edge for professionals seeking to advance their businesses, especially if the businesses have a close business relationship with China. Westminster College, a distinctive and unique learning environment in Utah, can help you learn Mandarin quickly and affordably with a six-week intensive course in fundamental business Chinese.

In this intensive course, you will be taught by a skilled and experienced native Chinese instructor. After completing the course, you will not only be able to master basic Chinese language used in everyday life, such as greetings, shopping, and traveling phrases, but also how to negotiate successfully with your Chinese business partners.

Offered with the Seminars:

  1. Available one on one Mandarin tutoring.
  2. Small class sizes (no more than 25).
  3. Excellent learning environment on Westminster College's campus featuring a fully equipped multi-media classroom.
  4. A free lecture on Understanding the Culture and Business Environment of China.
  5. Presentation of an official certificate, to be awarded upon completion of the series.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and learn the language skills that will help you to advance your business in China. This intensive course is even offered on Saturdays to fit your busy schedule.

For more information about the program:

Center for China-America Business Studies

Gore School of Business, Office 216 A

Westmisnter College

Phone: 801 832 2632