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Start ups:
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Chris Ciancone (’12)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Pre-revenue
Industry: Medical
Company Overview: Our mission at LIYEN Inc. is to create empowering 'life devices.' With our first product, the SLYDER, we aim to start a revolution of empowerment for asthmatics by innovating the inhaler, while infusing beautiful aesthetic design and usability. At LIYEN, we view the overlooked, everyday medical devices as 'consumer goods' that should be wanted as much as needed by the end user. We place great emphasis in incorporating this desire driven philosophy into the design of our products. This is why the SLYDER doesn't resemble an inhaler, but has the look and feel of an iPhone. This guiding philosophy in our product development allows us to create devices that users not only depend on to manage their condition, but connect with on an emotional level while providing a sense of confidence and empowerment.
Future Growth Plans: Currently, we are focusing on bringing our novel inhaler device, the SLYDER, to market. We will initially develop our product at the Bio Innovations Gateway while focusing on Utah and the Intermountain West as our primary market. After product validation, we will expand into the national market and seek to establish larger manufacturing here locally. We will also obtain our CE mark, market test, and expand into parts of Europe in the future.   We also have plans of expanding our product portfolio into other respiratory products, and various diabetic devices.
Major Accomplishments: Received top honors at the 2012 Bench 2 Bedside medical device competition at the U of U. Filed provisional patent. Successfully developed proof of concept prototype, and are currently developing a bench prototype for focus group testing.


Early Stage:
Knudra Transgenics
Majority Owners:
Chris Hopkins
Lisa Ogden    
Trisha Brock   
Jonathan Baker       
Westminster Alumni:            
Chris Hopkins (’12)                    
Launched in 2009     
Number of Employees other than Owner: 2          
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000           
Industry: Medical (and Biotech)
Company Overview: Knudra is two companies based on the same core technology. Knudra Transgenics is a custom manufacturing service company bioengineering model organisms as research tools. Knudra Diagnostics discovers toxicology tools and platforms for use in pharmaceutical drug discovery.           
Future Growth Plans: Need new facilities and expanded business team.  
Major Accomplishments: Funded by NIH and NSF SBIR grants ($300 K). License technology from University of Utah. Submitted two patents. Product earnings nearly match grant revenue.


Focus Clinical Research, LLC
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Dustin Jackson (’11)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owner: 5
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $500,001-$1,000,000
Industry: Medical
Company Overview: We contract with Pharmaceutical companies to execute their human clinical trials for new the new pharmaceutical products seeking FDA approval.
Future Growth Plans: Gain more studies and pharma partners.
Major Accomplishments: 40% growth from year 1 to year 2.


KMP staffing
Majority Owners:
Marcus Hall
Thomas Rowe
Trevor Wood
Westminster Alumni:
Trevor Wood (’08)
Launched in 2009
Number of Employees other than Owners: 5 – 8
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $1,000,001+
Industry: Medical
Company Overview: We are a Full Service Healthcare Staffing firm specializing in recruitment of locum tenens physicians nationwide. We match skills, specialties, personalities, and career aspirations.
Future Growth Plans: Planning to hire qualified sales and recruitment professionals in 2013.
Major Accomplishments: Expecting 25%-50% growth in 2013.


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
William Hoster ('11)
Launched in 2002
Number of Employees other than Owners: 2
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Medical
Company Overview: Manufacturing specialized Pre-hospital and imaging medical devices.
Future Growth Plans: Maintain current product line and expand marketing efforts through distribution to increase sales.
Major Accomplishments: Products have been adopted as standard of care in several US states.