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Financial Services

 Financial Services

Early Stage:
Moreton Financial Solutions
Majority Owners:
Jason Williams
Andy Robbins
Jordan Hansen
Westminster Alumni:
Jordan Hansen (’12)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Financial Services
Company Overview: Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Moreton Financial Solutions (MFS) provides investment advisory services for corporations, municipalities, non-profits, credit unions, hospitals, and insurance companies. Although we serve all institutional clients, our primary focus of business and largest potential growth area is currently in the municipal and credit union market. MFS helps institutional customers that carry large cash balances to protect, keep liquid, and earn interest on their cash. Our firm specializes in structuring fixed income portfolios that are tailored to meet the specific liquidity and diversification needs of our clients. By leveraging technology and employing portfolio managers with unique expertise, MFS has built a fixed income portfolio management operation that addresses the specific investment and regulatory requirements of municipalities and credit unions. These industries are currently under served by local financial institutions and investment options are limited. By combining specialized fixed-income regulatory reporting with sophisticated fixed income management expertise, our firm is positioned to grab market share in this special niche market.
Future Growth Plans: A key strength our firm is its ability to handle large increases in Assets Under Management (AUM) without having to increase the underlying number of employees. The three employees should be able to handle an increase of AUM up to around $500 Million. At that point, the firm will likely add a fourth portfolio manager that should be sufficient up to $1 Billion. Our firm's goal is to reach $250 million in AUM within 3 years and $500 million in 5 years.
Major Accomplishments: Our firm began producing revenue within the second month of operations. We have had consistent positive month over month growth since inception.