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Dorian Rosen


Summer 2011 - Westminster Scholars Research Grants 

Dorian Rosen

Majors: Chemistry & Physics
Career Goals: Graduate School
Research Mentor: Dr. William Deutschman

Controlling Brewer's Yeast Metabolic Pathways

The process of fermentation using yeast has been utilized by humans for millennia. Despite our apparent familiarity, some of the stimuli that cause yeast to metabolize sugars through the aerobic citric acid cycle over anaerobic fermentation remain unknown. In circumstances that would normally warrant only aerobic metabolic function we find evidence of anaerobic fermentation as well. This is known as the Crabtree effect. By exploring and understanding what causes the Crabtree effect, and how to control it, we will gain a better ability to manipulate which metabolic pathway yeast use. This is of tremendous interest to homebrewers and craft brewers as a way to better control the flavor and alcohol content of their products.

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