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Service Learning Scholars


Welcome to the Service Learning Scholar Program! The Westminster College Service Learning Scholar Program is student focused recognizing students committed to combining academic learning with commitment and civic engagement.

Applications are accepted continuously throughout the year, but you must have a minimum of two semesters left at Westminster to apply.

Review the requirements form and submit an application and a 1-page essay identifying your motivations to join the program to get started.

Overview of Requirements:

  • Submit an application and a one page essay.
  • Select your hour of service committment level.
  • Volunteer work must be done with non-profit organizations.
  • Turn in a reflection journal at the end of each semester and reflect according to two of the college wide learning goals.
  • You can start counting hours from the date you apply.
  • Attend a reflection meeting at the end of each semester.
  • Complete a WOW project your senior year before graduating.

Levels of Service:

  • Bronze - 100 hours
  • Silver - 300 hours
  • Gold - 500 hours
  • Griffin - 1000 hours

Griffin Level Requirements/Perks

  • Must provide a volunteer day for other Westminster students to volunteer and inform the DCCE of the event.
  • Once 700 hours have been completed, the DCCE will provide some funding to help with personal development if wanted.


  • Write a reflection of your service at the end of each semester. There will be a reflection meeting at the end of each semester to share and turn in your reflection.
  • You must reflect according to at least two of the college wide learning goals. For a list of the learning goals, please look at the requirements form provided above.

WOW Project

  • You must complete a WOW project your senior year before graduating.
  • This project is a visual representation of your service and the learning that took place.
  • The project can be anything, be creative!
  • Include a paragraph explaining why your WOW project represents your experience.


  • You can bring in 100 hours of previous service performed while attending Westminster College.  However, you must choose a minimum commitment of 300 hours (silver) if you choose to bring in previous hours. You do need to submit a reflection on the previous 100 hours.
  • You must submit your time sheets and reflective journal each semester.
  • Failure to turn in the time sheets/journal for two consecutive semester will result in removal from the program.
  • Volunteer hours cannot be with a for profit business.

Visit us in the Dumke Center for Civic Engagement in the Bassis Center or
contact the civicengagement@westminstercollege.edu