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Students at Westminster College Rank their Educational Experience at the Top

Salt Lake City-April 9, 2002-Can't decide which college to attend in the Fall? Just ask the students. Over the next few months, randomly selected freshmen and seniors at Westminster College will participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), conducted by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research and Planning.

The survey, now in it's third year, measures educational effectiveness at the source?the student. Westminster students and those of more than 365 colleges and universities across the country are asked to rate their college on five key indicators of effective educational practice: 1) level of academic challenge, 2) active and collaborative learning, 3) student-faculty interaction, 4) enriching educational experiences, and 5) a supportive campus environment.

The study provides new information to students and parents in the college search process and gives campuses additional insight into effective teaching and student learning.

Westminster College scored very high on the 2001 report and anticipates an equally favorable response for the 2002 survey. According to the results of the 2001 survey, the educational experience Westminster freshmen felt they received ranked higher than the national average of similar institutions across the country in all five areas of effective educational practice?up to 18 percent higher. Seniors at Westminster also ranked their educational experience higher in all five areas (up to 13 percent higher) than comparative schools across the country.

Westminster College falls into two categories for the national survey: colleges offering master's degrees and all 467 four-year colleges and institutions that participated in the 2001 survey. The educational experience at Westminster ranked higher than the benchmark scores of both categories.

"The National Survey of Student Engagement is an effective yardstick in assessing the educational experience at our college," said Peggy Stock, president of Westminster College. "We pride ourselves on many of the criteria used to rate a student's college experience. Small class sizes, an enriching campus environment and a challenging liberal education are at the heart of Westminster College. We will continue to focus on our students, ensuring they receive the knowledge, growth and development needed to succeed in life."

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Westminster College, Utah's only private, nondenominational, nonprofit college, prepares its students for personal and professional success through a foundation of liberal education, combined with professional programs that include vital technological and communication skills. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Westminster in the top tier of regional colleges and universities in the Western United States for seven straight years. For more information, visit