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About Us

About the Sugar House Summit

Twice a year, residents in the Sugar House community are invited to engage in conversation and action to help create a local sense of place. Read on to learn about past events and get information on upcoming meetings.

Join local community activists to talk about, learn about and explore the future of Sugar House! The Sugar House Summit began when a group of community members were talking about some of the successful community activities that had taken place in Sugar House and began brainstorming new ideas. The result? A bi-annual community meeting with interesting and disparate topics related to Sugar House and its future.

Join us for our upcoming meeting!

Steering Committee

A dedicated group of community activists have been working together for three years to envision, plan, and create these events.

Laurie Bray - Sugar House Community Council, Photography by Laurie

Gary Daynes  - Westminster College

Kathleen Hill - Community Studio

Ben Mattes - Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community

Amy McDonald-Sanyer - Brolly Arts

Lynne Olsen - Sugar House Community Council

Helen Peters - Community activist, InterPlan Co.

Soren Simonsen - Salt Lake City Council, Community Studio

Annalisa Steggell - Westminster College

Pat Tilton - Brolly Arts