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Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Computer Science majors who are in their junior or senior years are strongly encouraged to consider taking part in the internship program.

An internship provides a student with the opportunity to obtain professional working experience while earning upper division elective credit. In addition, an internship provides students with an opportunity to discover what the workplace is like, to better determine what they would like to do upon graduation, and to gain the experience that is often needed when searching for work upon graduation. In fact, may students who complete internships end up working for the company full-time during the summer and after graduation.

Examples of the opportunities available for internships include programming positions, software testing, working with computer networks, and website design.

In the past, students have completed internships at Goldman Sachs, Sample Minded, Jive Communications, and Cisco to name a few. A chief benefit of working as an intern is that employers realize the intern is also a student. As a result, employers typically provide a flexible work schedule that accommodates classes and homework. Most interns typically work about 15 - 20 hours per week.

Internships opportunities may be obtained either through the Westminster Career Resource Center or a student may find a job on their own. If you have any questions about the computer science internship program, contact either Greg Gagne in Computer Science or Jon Davis in the Career Center.