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Cost of Attendance (COA) Appeal


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***In certain situations, an adjustment to the student’s Cost of Attendance (COA) is warranted. The Financial Aid Office is sensitive to the financial challenges that students face; however, to comply with federal rules and regulations we can only consider direct costs necessary in supporting the student’s education. The Cost of Attendance appeal form allows the Financial Aid Office to examine selected education related expenses and evaluate options for additional funding.
Cost of Attendance (COA) appeal requests will only be processed once an academic year and cannot be reviewed until all required documentation has been received. Required documentation must be submitted at one time. Please note, additional documentation may be required by the Financial Aid Office in order to process the appeal. Failure to submit all required documentation may result in the denial of your appeal.
It is the goal of the Financial Aid Office to have your appeal reviewed in a timely manner. However, during peak times, the office may be unable to process appeals. Appeal decisions will be communicated through the student’s Westminster email account.
There are five required steps to the Cost of Attendance Appeal, they are:
1. Contact your Financial Aid Counselor to get your standard Cost of Attendance breakdown
*If your actual costs DO exceed the standard costs, proceed to step 2 of the appeal process. Why you are requesting a cost of attendance review Reason(s) you are unable to meet your current expenses and financial obligations Any change in your financial situation that has had an impact on your ability to meet your current expenses and other financial obligations.
2. Prepare your signed statement/letter
Prepare a written statement requesting a Cost of Attendance review. Your letter must include: Cost of Attendance Appeal
3. Gather independent verification documents
Complete independent verification worksheet (available in the F.A. office)
Signed copy of 2011 federal tax form
Copy of 2011 W2 forms Rent/Mortgage: Students may request an increase in their COA due to additional housing and utility expenses above those already included in the standard COA. (i.e. gas, electric, phone, water/sewer, garbage and internet) Transportation: Reasonable expenses incurred by the student for related costs such as car insurance, car repair, or unusually high mileage cost for travel to and from school. Transportation allowances are also acceptable for travel related to the death or illness of an immediate family member. We cannot consider car payments. Dependent Care: Dependent care expenses can be accommodated for periods of time including, but not limited to, class time, study time, field work, research, internships, commuting time and other educational endeavors. The appeal must provide documentation from the provider of the amount the student pays for each child in care.
4. If you are submitting an appeal for expenses not yet paid, you must provide an itemized statement from the establishment rendering services in order for an estimate to be considered. In cases where a reimbursement of expenses in being sought you must submit receipts that documents services rendered or items purchased. Examples of generally accepted COA appeals are listed below:
5. Submit your letter, verification documents, completed form and documentation to the Financial Aid Office
Please include only photocopies of original documents as we are required to keep any documents once they are submitted. If you have any questions regarding the Cost of Attendance appeal process, you are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office prior to submitting appeal documentation.