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Peer Assistance

Peer Assistance

AANA Peer Assistance

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) recognizes that anesthesia providers, because of their exposure and the nature of their work, appear to be at a high risk for substance abuse. To address these concerns within the profession, the AANA established the Peer Assistance Advisors as an Ad Hoc Committee on Chemical Dependency in 1983 to serve as a resource and support for nurse anesthesia practitioners and students.

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UANA Peer Assistance

The State Peer Advisor is dedicated to providing information, resources and assistance with issues surrounding chemical dependency in the CRNA profession. Chemical dependency is defined as the use or abuse of substances by persons unable or unwilling to terminate its utilization. It is recognized as a disease and is characterized by a chronic, progressive process that may destroy the professional, the family, and the community. It affects over 10% of health-care professionals.

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